Why Your Cyber Security is Missing the Mark (And How You Can Fix It)

It seems so simple- set up some antivirus data protection and forget it!


Unfortunately, most small to mid sized businesses don't think about putting a cyber security policy in place or looking into risk factors until AFTER a breach takes place....


and since 60% of businesses close within the first year after a breach... that could literally cost you your business!

You can't rely on simple antivirus software alone.


Right now, your cyber security is a leaky pipe. 

You're turning on the tap and water is coming out, but if you take a look beneath what you first see under the sink, you'll see water leaking out of holes left, right, and center....

These holes beneath the service allow hackers prime access into your most coveted business assets!

Maybe you have:

Crossed your fingers and just hope you fly under the radar of an attacker?


Developed a one-size fits all policy you decided to DIY from what you found online?

Or just don't have the time or expertise to dig deep into your cyber security posture?

It's time allow us to plug those holes once and for all before your business floods! (Plumbers crack not included)

Imagine focusing on your zone of genius while we work diligently to  make sure your assets are fully protected now and in the long term.


Other agencies focus on solely automated services, while we provide personal and customized analysis unique to your business and help identify security gaps before hackers do!

Most business look for cyber security services and realize that hiring a full time cyber security analyst is…holy cow, expensive! There just isn’t the rationale to hire someone on full time like big corporations do.

Yet you're struggling because you just need a set of expert eyes to give you customized cyber security expertise for your business, NOT a one-size fits all solution that may (or may not!) work.


 We pride ourselves in providing small to medium sized businesses with the best tools and individualized guidance to not only pass a routine network assessment, but also to protect their networks and data against hackers, malicious insiders, and malware.


Hackers prey on easy targets. Is your business one of them?


Risk Assessments

Hackers prey on easy targets. Is your business potentially one of them? We identify key weaknesses that malicious attackers use to begin their attacks so you can detect and prevent potential threats. 


Policy Creation and Review

Whether you are looking to strengthen your policy design or evaluate the effectiveness of your incident response plan, we help ensure your policies are responsive and supportive of your business growth.


Penetration Testing

Want to get inside a potential hackers mind? We test your current  security weaknesses in your network, as well as the devices within the network that brings to light areas in need of improvement.


After working with small and medium size businesses for some time now, I have noticed a pattern among them.


Businesses often jump into cyber security without making a plan...


This results in missing critical facets of cybersecurity, leaving you confused to any vulnerabilities and wide open to an attack!

This is why the services we provide are so critical to establishing a good cybersecurity foundation for your business to build upon.


Work with us now to save your business from crippling cyber attacks!


Myth: Hackers don't exploit small businesses


Small businesses are not immune and, for some hackers, are actually the more desired target!


 The hard truth is that many small businesses are “easy marks.”

While large companies and corporations are spending a lot of money to protect themselves, small businesses typically do not have sufficient, or any, security budgets nor an adequate security plan to defend from attacks. and spend little to nothing to defend from security threats.


Hackers know this and many have turned their attention to these easier targets.


Relying on the “fly below the big business radar” strategy to provide a security blanket for a small business just doesn't work anymore!


If A Cyber Attack Occurred...

How much in sales would you lose for every hour or day your site and business operations is unavailable?

How big of an impact would it be to your business if your employee or client personal information was stolen? 

Could you afford the cost of recovering the data that was stolen? (this is much more costly than prevention!)

Do you have access to a prompt incident response team?


What if the hackers tried again after a first attack, could you afford multiple incidents?

Could your business bounce back from the negative press?

A whopping 60 percent of small businesses will close after experiencing a data breach, don't be one of them!

I'm deeply passionate about getting you the cyber support you need to help protect your most valuable business assets!

Book a call and let's discuss what cyber security strategy would best suit your business!


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Information Systems Security Officer

Brent is honest, polite, hardworking, has great attention to detail, and is customer focused. He will go above and beyond with tasks that are assigned to him and exceeds expectations every time. Brent is one of the smartest Cybersecurity Professionals I have ever had the pleasure of working with. I would highly recommend consulting with Brent prior to making any cybersecurity decisions.



President, ACE Professionals

I have worked with Brent during some high impact missions and he has always maintained a logical, reasoned approach to our work. He provided a great amount of insight, thought and abstract thinking to analyze situations accurately and suggest impactful remediation. He maintains professionalism at all times, even under stressful circumstances where outcomes may be bleak. His persistence, ambition, and clear knowledge of self is a few reasons I choose to continue working with such a high caliber individual.



 Owner, Investor Portfolio Services 

 Cyber security, while being out of the scope of our daily activities, is essential to our mission and daily operations.  To accomplish this, we tasked Hire A Cyber Pro to conduct our audit and provided solutions.  Their military experience, security clearances and personal integrity made them our choice.After conducting a risk assessment, Hire A Cyber Pro provided us with information to better protect our our business from physical and cyber attacks. 

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