Policy Development

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Service Description

Hire A Cyber Pro provides organizations with a number of cybersecurity policies used to enhance their cybersecurity posture. Hire A Cyber Pro will also review an organizations existing policy and provide recommendations to make it more effective. Available Policies Hire A Cyber Pro can provide and/or assist with developing the following types of policies. 1. Cybersecurity training policy 2. Hardware specific security policy (workstation/server/router etc.) 3. Audit policy 4. Logging policy 5. Onboarding policy 6. Offboarding policy 7. System backup policy 8. Patch management policy 9. Change management policy 10. Vulnerability management policy 11. Data transfer policy 12. Application/Software development policy 13. Acceptable encryption policy 14. Acceptable use policy 15. Acquisition assessment policy 16. Clean desk policy 17. Incident response policy 18. Database credentials policy 19. Email policy 20. Email retention policy 21. Employee internet use monitoring and filtering policy 22. Mobile device management policy 23. Password creation and protection policy 24. Remote access mobile computing storage 25. Remote access policy 26. Removable media policy 27. Risk assessment policy 28. Access authorization, modification and identify access management policy 29. Data retention policy 30. Social engineering awareness policy 31. Software installation policy 32. Technology equipment disposal policy 33. Data breach policy

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