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Information Systems Security Officer

Brent is honest, polite, hardworking, has great attention to detail, and is customer focused. He will go above and beyond with tasks that are assigned to him and exceeds expectations every time. Brent is one of the smartest Cybersecurity Professionals I have ever had the pleasure of working with. I would highly recommend consulting with Brent prior to making any cybersecurity decisions.



President, ACE Professionals

I have worked with Brent during some high impact missions and he has always maintained a logical, reasoned approach to our work. He provided a great amount of insight, thought and abstract thinking to analyze situations accurately and suggest impactful remediation. He maintains professionalism at all times, even under stressful circumstances where outcomes may be bleak. His persistence, ambition, and clear knowledge of self is a few reasons I choose to continue working with such a high caliber individual.



 Owner, Investor Portfolio Services 

 Cyber security, while being out of the scope of our daily activities, is essential to our mission and daily operations.  To accomplish this, we tasked Hire A Cyber Pro to conduct our audit and provided solutions.  Their military experience, security clearances and personal integrity made them our choice.After conducting a risk assessment, Hire A Cyber Pro provided us with information to better protect our our business from physical and cyber attacks. 

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