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Cyberattacks occur
39 seconds.


TOP 5 Reasons 

Why your business needs to
hire a cyber pro


43% of all data breaches involve small and medium-sized businesses, in 2021.


52% MBs do not have any IT security experts in-house, in 2021.


83% of small and medium-sized businesses are not financially prepared to recover from a cyber-attack, in 2021.


The average time to identify a security breach was 212 days, in 2022


After a cyber-attack, 70% of consumers are not likely to do business with a company after they have disclosed a breach.


When to Hire a CyberPro?

  • When you want peace of mind and ensure your data is safe and secure.

  • When you do not want to be at the mercy of a hacker due to ransomware.

  • Before a cybersecurity breach occurs. Contact Right Now if you have been breached.

  • When you want to save time, money, and complete cybersecurity projects quickly.

We can help!

Our clients typically have 20 to 5000 workstations and rely on technology for daily operations.  They represent a broad cross-section of industries across the country to include the financial industry, healthcare industry, and government. 

How to Get Started


Complete our preferred contact form below or email us at to see how we can help you. One of our consultants will connect with you shortly.

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Contact Today
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Contact & Book Consultation

Meet with a consultant so we can get to know you and help define where you want to go. 

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Plan your
next steps

Together we will choose specific steps to take to meet your cybersecurity goals.


Secure your business!

Succeed in securing your business from cyberattacks. 


How Can We Help?

Professional Services

Cybersecurity Risk Assessments

Hire A Cyber Pro offers several types of assessments that vary in scope and depth. Each is designed to identify and evaluate cybersecurity risk within an organization. Start your assessment today so you can reduce the threat of a cyberattack.

Compliance Assessments

Hire A Cyber Pro conducts cybersecurity compliance assessments to include NIST 800-171, CMMC, HIPAA, and PCI. Let us help identify security gaps and implement new security controls to ensure your organization meets their legal requirements.

Cybersecurity as a Service

Get the dedicated cybersecurity assistance you need to stay secure at a fraction of the cost of a full time cybersecurity professional. A lack of security expertise puts your business at risk of an attack!


Test your network security defenses before the real bad guys do! If you do not, you may be unaware of vulnerabilities that could be exploited by an attacker resulting in a costly cyberattack.

Managed Services

Managed Ransomware Protection

Get the tools you need today to stop Ransomware before your networks are encrypted and your business operations come to a standstill. Ask how Hire A Cyber Pro can help.

Managed Vulnerability Scanning

Hire A Cyber Pro will scan and monitor a customer's external IP addresses ensuring they are aware of any vulnerabilities that may make them susceptible to an attack.

Managed Darkweb Monitoring

Hire A Cyber Pro will monitor the DarkWeb and alert customers of leaked usernames, passwords, and other critical information related to your organization that could enable a malicious hacker.

Managed Cybersecurity Training

Cybersecurity is not just the IT departments responsibility. It is everyone's. That's why cybersecurity training is so important to conduct regularly. Start training today!

Brent Gallo

My name is Brent Gallo and I am the founder of Hire A Cyber Pro. I gained my cybersecurity experience while in the United States Air Force where I worked alongside the National Security Agency. While serving, I obtained my Masters Degree in cybersecurity from a National Centers of Academic Excellence in Cybersecurity (NCAE) accredited program along with a handful of industry cybersecurity certifications.  Hire A Cyber Pro was founded to meet the ever-growing need of cybersecurity expertise for small and medium sized businesses who have been targeted by cybercriminals like never before. We believe that companies of any size shouldn’t have to go at it alone against todays cybercriminals. Hire A Cyber Pro is here to work with you to safeguard what you have worked so hard for.


Get Better Protected Today

Our team is comprised of former public sector, government, and military cybersecurity experts. Our diverse experiences have made our team capable of solving any cybersecurity problem your business may be having. Hire A Cyber Pro team members have their Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Cybersecurity including industry leading certifications such as CISSP, CySA+, GCIH, CCNA, OSCP, GPEN, CEH, SEC+, and more.

Why Choose Us?

Cybersecurity is our #1 priority

We understand the negative impacts that a cyberattack can have on a business. That's why we evaluate every clients cybersecurity posture with great scrutiny and provide them with solutions that can stop malicious hackers.

We do more than an IT Provider

We go beyond what the average IT provider can do for their clients by finding ways to improve your cybersecurity posture from a technological, administrative, and physical security perspective ensuring that all of your cybersecurity risks are reduced as much as possible.


Our team is comprised of former private sector, government, and military cybersecurity professionals who have seen it all. Our diverse team is capable of handing a variety of cybersecurity pains that your business may be facing.

Business focused

We design, evaluate, and justify security solutions from a business perspective with thorough understanding of how changes will benefit your organization. We seek to provide products and solutions that will not only fix your vulnerabilities, but will also make the biggest cybersecurity impact at a price you can work with.


Our service philosophy is proactive, not reactive. That way your business is much less likely to suffer from a cyberattack that can stop operations for days or weeks.


Read what our clients have to say!


Information Systems Security Officer

"Brent is honest, polite, hardworking, has great attention to detail, and is customer focused. He will go above and beyond with tasks that are assigned to him and exceeds expectations every time. Brent is one of the smartest Cybersecurity Professionals I have ever had the pleasure of working with. I would highly recommend consulting with Brent prior to making any cybersecurity decisions."


President, ACE Professionals

"I have worked with Brent during some high impact missions and he has always maintained a logical, reasoned approach to our work. He provided a great amount of insight, thought and abstract thinking to analyze situations accurately and suggest impactful remediation. He maintains professionalism at all times, even under stressful circumstances where outcomes may be bleak. His persistence, ambition, and clear knowledge of self is a few reasons I choose to continue working with such a high caliber individual."


 Owner, Investor
Portfolio Services 

"Cyber security, while being out of the scope of our daily activities, is essential to our mission and daily operations. To accomplish this, we tasked Hire A Cyber Pro to conduct our audit and provided solutions. Their military experience, security clearances and personal integrity made them our choice.After conducting a risk assessment, Hire A Cyber Pro provided us with information to better protect our business from physical and cyber attacks."

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