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When I first started my business, I wanted to provide my customers with a tool that helps them secure their network, saves them time, and money. Syxsense Manager and Syxsense Secure is it. They are the world’s first Cloud-based IT and security-solution provider to offer patch management, vulnerability scans, and Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) capabilities in a single console. Enabling them to secure every endpoint, in every location, everywhere inside and outside the network, as well as in the cloud. Syxsense has two product solutions: Syxsense Manage and Syxsense Secure and support Windows, Windows Server, Mac OS, and Linux. So they can help you with any operating system. 


Why Customers Buy Syxsense:

Single Secure Cloud Solution that supports Windows, Mac, Linux and 3rd Party Applications
Patch Automation and Ease of Use
Deployment Scheduling (Maintenance / Blackout Windows)
Quality Reports and Focused Compliance Reporting
Management of Laptop Users (i.e. Out of Network Devices)
Cloud-Based: No Hardware or VPN Requirement
All-in-One Console

High-Level Functionality

100% Endpoint Visibility 
Endpoint Management 
Patch Deployment 
Feature Update Deployment
Vulnerability Scanner
Proof of Compliance
Software Distribution
Hardware / Software Inventory
Remote Control
Alerting Actions
Device Quarantine 
Remote Desktop Access

To learn more about Syxsense, set up a free consultation or demo, or to jump right in and start your Free Trial HERE!


Hire A Cyber Pro relies on Central InfoSec to provide several offensive cybersecurity tests and services. Their expertise adds value to our clients because their team puts our customers networks to the ultimate test just as a malicious hacker would. Central InfoSec’s team is very good at what they do and that’s why we have partnered with them. They will not outsource their tests to foreign companies so you can trust them just as we do. 

Central InfoSec LLC (“Central InfoSec”) is an award-winning cyber security company that offers professional security services to organizations of all sizes. The Central InfoSec team consists of skilled security professionals bringing a total of 20+ years of red teaming, penetration testing, web application, and exploitation experience. Central InfoSec team members have achieved industry leading certifications including OSCP, OSWP, GXPN, GPEN, GWAPT, GMOB, AWS-CSS, AWS-CCP, PenTest+, CEH, CISSP, and more.

Central InfoSec has achieved the following industry awards:

   Best Penetration Testing & Security Consulting Firm – CV Corporate Excellence Awards, 2021
   5 Best Cyber Security Companies to Watch – The Silicon Review, 2021
   10 Best Security Companies – CIO Bulletin, 2021
   10 Most Promising Cybersecurity Consulting/Service Companies – CIO Review, 2020


If your company needs a penetration test or other offensive security services, contact Hire A Cyber Pro for a Free Consultation today!


Hire A Cyber Pro has partnered with Sandler Partners to bring our customers over 200+ business technology and security solutions vendors straight to them. These vendors have been vetted, are reliable, and provide our customers with many options to fit their needs. Working with Hire A Cyber Pro as a Sandler Partners Trusted Technology Advisor provides a business with the following TOP 10 Benefits:


  1. Access to over 200 provider options - You'll get the best provider options for your company's needs. We will recommend the best security, telecom, and Cloud providers and more based their strengths and your specific needs.

  2. Single point of Contact - You only need to reach out to one person if you have questions, need help with pricing and to simplify the buying process. You'll get less finger pointing and fewer headaches.

  3. No pressure sales – Going direct to a provider often means dealing with a sales rep. A trusted technology advisor has no quotas to fill, so their recommendations are unbiased.

  4. Personalized strategy & Solutions Planning - Get help to build a strategy from a seasoned expert who can pinpoint the best pricing and architect solutions. We thoroughly construct a plan for your company to ensure your customers get the best terms.

  5. Develop a long-term relationship - Provider sales reps frequently jump companies, while trusted technology advisors are vested in their own businesses. No more turnover-related hassles.

  6. Acquire greater leverage - The best technology advisors develop strong relationships with providers which comes in handy when negotiating contracts and managing escalations.

  7. Gain a trusted advisor - We act as an extension of your team and business, guiding you with recommendations tailored specifically to your company's goals.

  8. Recover lost hours - By outsourcing your Cloud & telecom projects, you will regain all those painful hours you would have spent strategizing, vetting various providers, and negotiating contracts yourself. 

  9. Focus on what you do - Let us take care of the projects and research you don’t want to do. Focus on what you do best! Adding another expert to your team will increase your peace of mind.

  10. Stay cutting-edge on technology - We are constantly keeping our fingers on the pulse of the constantly revolving door that is Cloud and telecom technologies, and we will help point you in the right direction on each and every project.


If your company needs new business technology or security solutions contact Hire A Cyber Pro for a Free Consultation and we can get started on your project right away.  

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