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How Can We Help?

Professional Services

Cybersecurity Risk Assessments

At Hire A Cyber Pro, we provide various assessments to identify and evaluate cybersecurity risks within your organization. Take the opportunity to start your assessment today and reduce risks.

Compliance Assessments

Hire A Cyber Pro provides comprehensive cybersecurity compliance assessments to help ensure that your organization meets legal requirements. We assess NIST 800-171, CMMC, HIPAA, and PCI to identify security gaps and then implement new security controls. Let us assist you in staying compliant.


Our virtual Chief Information Security Officer is here to assist you and your organization in achieving your cybersecurity goals, making sure that they are met on time and within budget.


Test your network security defenses before the malicious actors do! If you don't, you might miss potential weaknesses that could be taken advantage of, leading to a costly cyberattack. Start your penetration test now!

Cybersecurity as a Service

Are you in need of efficient and affordable cybersecurity assistance? Discover how Hire A Cyber Pro can provide everything you need to stay secure, at a fraction of the cost of a full-time cybersecurity professional.

IT Provider
Security Audit

Worrying about the security posture and risk associated with a prospective IT provider? Our team can audit the potential provider to guarantee that their security measures align with your requirements.

Workforce Planning & Recruitment

Are you looking to build a cybersecurity team? Let us assist you. We partner with executives and hiring managers to ensure their cybersecurity objectives and ambitions are met while supporting them through the recruitment process.

Cybersecurity Program Development

Are you starting a security program from scratch? Our team can provide you with all the support you need to build a strong cybersecurity foundation that is resilient.

Cybersecurity Policy

Establishing a robust cybersecurity program starts with creating solid policies. Hire A Cyber Pro can helps clients develop or strengthen their existing policies to increase the efficiency of their staff's cybersecurity operations.


Unsure of how your systems would fair against specific attack vectors? Then conduct a threat assessment! We will identify and evaluate how different cyberattacks could do harm to your systems and assess the organizations ability to stop the threat.


Want to get up to speed on cybersecurity? No problem - we'll bring the pros to you! Hire A Cyber Pro offers cybersecurity trainings tailored for both business owners and employees, helping everyone stay ahead of the curve when it comes to today's cyber threats.

Third Party Risk Analysis

Hire A Cyber Pro can help analyze the potential risks associated with a product or partner business prior to customers making any major decisions or long-term commitments. It's essential to reduce the risks associated with supply chains in order to avoid potential problems down the line. Don't wait until it's too late—reduce your risk now!

Managed Services

Managed Ransomware Protection

Don't wait until your networks are locked up and your business operations stop – get the tools you need now to prevent Ransomware. Find out how Hire A Cyber Pro can assist!

Managed Vulnerability Scanning

Hire A Cyber Pro offers scanning and monitoring services for customer's external IP addresses so they can stay informed of any potential security risks that could result in an attack.

Managed Darkweb Monitoring

At Hire A Cyber Pro, we actively monitor the DarkWeb and alert our customers if any of their organization's usernames, passwords or other sensitive information is leaked, so a malicious hacker cannot use it against them

Managed Cybersecurity Training

At Hire A Cyber Pro, we provides organizations with regular cybersecurity training to ensure employees stay up to date with the lastest cybersecurity threats so they do not become a cybersecurity risk to the organization

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