Security Assessment

A Security Assessment helps assess current security controls and identify potential security gaps within a network environment that a user may not be aware of. An assessment gives upper-level management clear insight and understandings of the information security risks that are present. Ask about our assessments.

- Tier 1 SMB Basic Assessment

- Tier 2 Risk Assessment

- Tier 3 Cybersecurity Audit


Cybersecurity Policy Creation and Review

The foundation of any cybersecurity program begins with good policy. Hire A Cyber Pro helps our clients develop new cybersecurity policies or strengthen existing ones. 


Penetration Testing

Penetration testing helps discover security gaps before a malicious attacker does.  After the testing, Hire A Cyber Pro will work with the customer to address network weaknesses. 


Cybersecurity Impact Analysis

 Cybersecurity impact analysis identifies risks associated with Third Party Vendors and new technologies. 


Cybersecurity As A Service

Improving an organizations cybersecurity program and practices is not a sprint, but a marathon. Having a cybersecurity expert like us that you trust, knows your business, and can answer your questions right away is invaluable. Ask about Hire A Cyber Pro's Cybersecurity As A Service. 


Business Technology and Security Solutions Consulting

Need assistance acquiring new business technology, security solutions or both? Hire A Cyber Pro can help with that. Ask how we can help.