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Cybersecurity Assessments

A Cybersecurity Assessment helps assess a businesses current security controls and identifies potential security gaps within a network environment that a user may not be aware of. Enabling organizational leaders to strategically tackle cybersecurity risks and predict the impact of potential threats. Ask about our assessments.

- Tier 0 Hacker Assessment 

- Tier 1 SMB Basic Assessment

- Tier 2 Risk Assessment

- Tier 3 Cybersecurity Audit


Cybersecurity Policy Creation and Review

The foundation of any cybersecurity program begins with good policy. Hire A Cyber Pro helps our clients develop new cybersecurity policies or strengthen existing ones to enhances a staffs cybersecurity operational effectiveness. Ask about our 30+ polices that Hire A Cyber Pro can help develop.

Some Examples:

- Cybersecurity Training Policy

- Incident Response Policy

- Acceptable use Policy

- Remote Access Policy

hand holding wireless peripheral with PENETRATION TEST inscription, cyber security concept

Penetration Testing

Let us Hack you before the bad guys do. Penetration testing helps discover security gaps before a malicious attacker does.  After testing, Hire A Cyber Pro will work with the customer to address network weaknesses. 


Cybersecurity Impact Analysis

 A Cybersecurity impact analysis identifies risks associated with Third Party Vendors and new technologies. Hire A Cyber Pro will conduct analysis to identify risks associated with a product before the customers makes a significant purchase. 

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Cybersecurity As A Service

Improving an organizations cybersecurity program and practices is not a sprint, but a marathon. Having a cybersecurity expert like us that you trust, knows your business, and can answer your questions right away is invaluable. Ask about Hire A Cyber Pro's Cybersecurity As A Service. 


Technology and Security Solutions 

Need assistance acquiring new business technology, security solutions, or both? Hire A Cyber Pro can help with that. Ask how we can help.  

Business Conference

Cybersecurity Training

Want to learn more about cybersecurity? Then we will bring the experts to you! Hire A Cyber Pro provides cybersecurity trainings geared towards both business owners and staff. Helping all become more aware of todays cybersecurity threats. 

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